Hi, and welcome to The Semi-Serious View.

I’m Silvio Castelletti — there’s no chance you’ve heard of me, as I have no bestseller and my writing hasn’t been featured anywhere. Who am I then? I’m unable (or maybe reluctant) to give a definition. I like to keep my identity small. In fact, as small as it can possibly be.

But I like reading, observing people at airports or other places of transit, twirling my hair, watching Seinfeld, fantasizing about what’s behind a lighted window when walking at night, listening to Steely Dan, wondering where flying airplanes are headed, being alone and idle, hearing Frank Zappa talk, changing idea when facts change, and silence.

Most of all, I like to write and think, or think and write.

Every Wednesday I publish a piece about ideas or concepts or facts or people that made me think, with some personal stories, occasional humor, and a pinch of unsolicited, quasi-tangential stream of consciousness.

Nothing too serious or too frivolous. Stuff that I hope will make you think, and maybe laugh, but there’s no guarantee of that happening.

Here are some of my better-received pieces for you to check out:

I’m also on Instagram, where I post my photos and stories quite actively, and on Twitter, where I have a recently-revitalized (yet still kind of lazy) account that had been dormant for some time.

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