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I read this essay twice since you published it (and both times in the same day for me).

Who else but Silvio would be able to pull off conveying that “cities have a vibe and that vibe can kind of turn you into a shapeshifter or let your soul breathe” in words? Not song, not film, not theatre but in words! It's a whole experience reading these essays and it's *just* words. The only thing left for you to do, to transform this experience into some multi sensory moment to savour is a voiceover. But no pressure, Silvio, your writing is already a gift. :)

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You are one of my favorite people to watch think outloud Silvio.

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Curiosamente ho letto quasi negli stessi giorni due scritti sulla città e su come dà forma (o rivela?) il carattere dei suoi abitanti. Uno è questo tuo e l'altro è di una bravissima, che - se non segui - ti consiglio. https://priscilladepace.substack.com/p/7-un-quartiere-non-e-una-personalita

Sempre interessantissimo quello che scrivi, chettelodicoaffà. Anzi: forget about it, così scrivo qualcosa in inglese, via :)

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Ahhh Silvio, your writing has this incredible charm of making me laugh and think at the same time! This is a serious topic and the humor that came through it. I'm not much of a city person, and my attitude towards them have always been lukewarm and curious, rather than full embrace of a city experience. Now that I've read your writing, I need to seriously remodel myself into a city person now ;)

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Oh Silvio, I was expecting something great from you on this topic, and what you wrote exceeded my expectations.

Cities and Ambition is probably my favorite essay ever, and your piece is the best homage to it, like version 2.0 or a more expansive musing on it and how we are shaped by where we spend time in.

The way you captured Milan's "message" should be carved on the Duomo. "THIS! This is what I was looking for" is what my mind shouted when I first read it. And you put into words the reason of why I travel: "to see what else of me comes out.". Beautiful!

And let me just say you perfectly embody the "usefully and naturally and effortlessly elegant" quality of the city. you've definitely absorbed your surroundings!

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Silvio, your way of experiencing the world and how you capture it in your writing is so beautiful. Although I've never been to Milan, I could picture and feel the city through this piece. Now I must go

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